Yorgos Papafigos

My artistic practice is characterised by a variety of media and techniques. The central theme of my work is the conceptual approach to new technologies and the way they affect, deconstruct and transform human existence.
More specifically, my proposal area of study is to look at the post-human era and Anthropocene crisis. I’m interested in video art and CGI, in parallel to my drawings and sculptural work, which I have often shown in combination. My passion for films and video games has made me explore and experiment in-depth with the ways in which we combine the natural world with the projection of digital content (image and sound). Solid and virtual works seek to portray and explore emotional crisis and isolation of contemporary man caused by the increasingly intrusive use of technology in everyday life.
One of the most important aspects of my work is how immateriality through images, video and computer-generated imagery affects our perception of the real world and the way we experience crisis.

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