Selected works

I combine videos, drawings and sculptures in multi-media installations to archive records of movement and stillness.
A video contains a repetition of a digital image that I have either taken myself, or created it entirely on a computing system. This image is processed digitally using programs such as Autodesk Maya (3D modeling) and After Effect, and setting lighting techniques and sounds to create an entirely artificial environment, which is in the end looped on image display devices.
Movement and stillness interest me conceptually, as a comment to the ephemeral, time and death. Walter Burkert's book Anthropological approach to the sacrificial ritual and myths of ancient Greece has influenced me greatly. I also research and utilize Ancient global and Greek rituals taken from history, religion, myths and everyday experiences. My origin has also influenced me a lot: the body in my works plays an important role in daily rituals. The use of phalluses
and other sexual symbols, combined with traditional folk manifestations, symbolize reproduction and fertility.
In my projects the static form plays a crucial role, as it expressed simultaneously anticipation and anxiety about time, and the tension between reality and the perception of virtual modern life. Y.P 2015