Collaborative project. Year: 2021 Length: 04:12 min, CGI 4K, Stereo sound Artists/Directors: Yorgos Papafigos, Kostis Spanopoulos. Animation: Yorgos Papafigos - Sound Design: Kostis SpanopoulosThe Post-Removal has been made entirely with a CPU system, 3D scanning data, dynamic simulations, and artificially designed sound recordings.
The video portrays the notion of free will and society’s roles between violence and the disarray of a non-human entity that seeks to atone.
The hand suggests a Deus-like device which during the detachment from its body is freed from its pain and falls into the tank as a useless inanimate mass production object, but this time instead of bringing redemption it goes off and tries to stay alive and it finally dies.
This Project is a social-political comment on a current post-human society, an effort to escape from a dystopian futuristic present. Post-Removal negotiates concepts of man's deification and idealization of things in modern society and new hybrid technologies in an increasingly controlled contemporary capitalistic world.

(2022) The Root, Amphicar studio, Athens, curated by Foteini Vergidou  (2021) 6th Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Denver, Colorado, US