"Within the Confines" is an ongoing project emerges as a entirely CPU-composed work, in which the ethereal manifestation of a monochromatic creature is projected on a small scale onto the periphery of a wall. The visual narrative insinuates an untamed wilderness, encapsulated by the very confines that envelop it, much like a trapped animal. These confinements, literal and metaphorical, suggest the limitations we impose upon our surrounding world. In this composition, the lines that delimit reality and an enigmatic realm are artfully obscured, inviting the observer to question and redefine the boundaries of perception. Y.P. (2023)

Installation view

(Installation view, Render)

Within the confines (2023), installation view, 3D animation loop, portable projector, dimensions variable Exhibitions: Art and Technology Festival, WIP Festival 2023, CYENS Centre of Excellence, Cyprus